When searching for a policy to insure your vehicle with, you should approach the matter just as you would do with an ordinary costly item – shop around for a better price. And since there are so many providers out there offering their services, their competition with each other will allow you to get better deals if you take some time to check all the offers. However, you should always check that you’re comparing the same policies with the same contents and amounts included, when comparing different providers.

While with most common fully comprehensive insurance policies you get practically the same set of things included, certain extra features that you may find particularly useful will certainly differ from one company to another. Some insurers will provide you with car rental coverage with their standard policies, while others will include it only as an additional endorsement. So you should definitely have a good read of the policy before signing it. Knowing the terms and conditions might save you from a lot of trouble later on.

The amount of coverage and the price you’ll pay for it are calculated with respect to specific criteria most companies take into account. The main factor influencing the insurance rates is the make and model of your car, namely the risk group it makes part of. Every insurance company has its classification charts and ratings, which help attribute all car makes and models to specific risk groups. And while these charts are individual for each company, in most cases they are quite similar because the cars share the same properties regardless of who’s insuring them. For example, if you want to insure a performance vehicle that has high top speed and power, you’ll have problems with finding a cheap deal on it no matter whom you address, simply because such cars have higher risk of ending up in an accident.

Another important thing to think about is the so called no claims bonus. Not all insurance providers offer this bonus, but the ones that do allow saving up to 70% of the initial rate you got after comparing auto insurance quotes and selected the policy. The longer you do not file any claims the bigger is the discount, as it builds up year after year. So if you consider yourself an accurate driver and do not file any claims, then you should definitely make sure that your future insurance provider offers such a discount.

The intensity of your car use also plays an important role in calculating your rates. When you get car insurance quotes, you often indicate the number of miles driven each year. And if this number is lower than a specific amount, and then you can opt for a low mileage discount. Of course, not all providers offer it, however the majority of insurers will offer certain benefits for driving less than 10,000 miles (in most cases) during one year. In order to meet the requirements for this discount you should consider driving less: use the bus to go to work; walk to the grocery store if it’s only a couple of blocks away; take out the car only when necessary. This discount will help you get lower rates and save money on auto insurance, which is quite welcome these days.

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