It’s easy to get distracted when comparing car insurance quotes – it could be from a pretty nice sales pitch from an insurance agent or a rather attractive offer from an auto insurance website but failing to compare quotes will make you lose a lot of money and it could mean losing hundreds of dollars on a yearly basis.

You should remember that rates from different companies can vary even if you are looking at the same coverage. But how does this happen? Experts say, each car insurance company computes premium rates differently. Each insurer has its very own formula so be sure to find one that has a formula that favors you. Another reason why you should compare at least three car insurance quotes is that car insurance companies change their rates all the time. And it’s not just because they want to but because they have to. Offering competitive rates is a good way for them to stay in business.

You should also take into consideration that as time passes, your insurance needs will change. A single, 25 year old driver’s car insurance need is different from a 42-year-old parent’s insurance needs. Getting the same coverage when you were 25, 25 years later is never advisable because you can either be spending a lot of money on your premium or not getting the coverage you really need.

There are a number of reasons why your auto insurance rate can change, this can include you getting married, you having a child or children, you passing a certain milestone birthday, or you purchasing a new car or buying a new home. These life changes all affect your premium and these need to be factored in by your insurer for them to have a fair rate to charge you.

Before the internet, people looking to compare insurance quotes had to make several phone calls or drive from one insurance company to the other. Thanks to the internet though, you can easily get your quotes and can get as many as you want to. You would have to use this leverage to take a look at the best offers out there.

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